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Albuquerque, New Mexico, is no stranger to the movie industry. In fact, films have been produced in Albuquerque since the late 19th century. In addition to our perfect weather (310 days of sunshine!), talented production community and ability to double as nearly any U.S. location, the state of New Mexico offers some of the nation’s most aggressive financial incentives in the industry. As such, the state has become a popular place to produce movies and television shows. Below is just a sampling of some of the film work that has taken place in our city. To view a full list of Albuquerque film credits, please visit Film ABQ.


Snapshot of recent Albuquerque film credits

“New Mexico is a fantastic state to shoot in.”

There are many factors that draw filmmakers to Albuquerque, perhaps none more prominent than the city’s spectacular climate. Located in the high desert, Albuquerque enjoys more than 310 days of annual sunshine, keeping film crews on schedule with limited weather-induced delays. Its unique landscape and four mild seasons allow Albuquerque to play the part of nearly any city or location – including Mars. But sometimes it’s content to play itself.

Such is the case for AMC’s critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad and “Better Call Saul,”

 in which Albuquerque is almost an additional character. Recent film projects have also elevated the city’s visibility as a filming destination and prompted an interest in travel to our modest Southwestern city.

Take a tour to visit your favorite film locations

New Mexico is a fantastic state to shoot in,

said Craig Butler, who made The Righteous and the Wicked

 in New Mexico. “It has great incentives and numerous production resources, such as a prop/costume warehouse filled with things left behind by past productions, and entire Old West towns that have been preserved as film locations. The Albuquerque Film Office is amazing, and local businesses are film-friendly. The independent filmmaker couldn’t ask for a better place to work” (Movie Maker Magazine, 2012).

Butler isn’t alone in this sentiment. Albuquerque is consistently included in Movie Maker Magazine’s annual list of the “Top 10 Cities to Be a Movie Maker.” Its tax incentives entice filmmakers to the area. Some have even liked the city so much that they have established residences here. It’s Hollywood without the frills – and film crews seem to like it that way.

It’s not uncommon to find actors and crews making the most of their time in the city. Being away from the Hollywood hoopla allows crews to live “normal,” balanced lives. Actors speak about their favorite local restaurants, attractions and day-to-day experiences in Albuquerque, as opposed to how wonderful the take-out was in other destinations.