66 Diner1405 Central NEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Albuquerque Hydroponics and Lighting1051 San Mateo Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
ABQ Botanical Garden
ABQ Aquarium
Albuquerque Museum2000 Mountain Rd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Asian Noodle318 Central NWAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Barnes and Noble6600 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Billy’s Long Bar4800 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Bosque Brewery106 Girard SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Box outside Downtown Distillery406 Central Ave SWAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Boxes on Corner of Central and Tulane3403 Central Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Boxing Bear Tap Room1710 Central NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Burger Boy12023 NM-14Cedar CrestNM 87008
Cafe Istanbul1410 Wyoming Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87112
Canteen Tap Room417 Tramway Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Celestree’s Gifts902 Juan Tabo NEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Central Laundry7226 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
CG Corrigan – Albuquerque6614 Gulton Ct NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Cherry Hills Library505-857-8321
Chevron12011 NM HWY 14Cedar CrestNM 87008
CLARK’S PETS4914 Lomas NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Corrales Bistro Brewing4908 Corrales RdCorralesNM 87048
Cost Plus3301 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Defined Fitness4903 McLeod Rd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Defined Fitness6210 Riverside Plaza LnAlbuquerqueNM 87120
Durans Pharmacy Cafe1815 Central NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Einstein’s Bagels8060 Academy Rd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
El Mezquite Market201 San Pedro SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
Enchanted Brewing6001 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Erna Fergusson Library3700 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Everest Apothecary5809 Juan Tabo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Everest Apothecary – North Valley9237 4th St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Everest Apothecary – Uptown2201 Louisiana Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Everest South Valley4201 Central Ave NWAlbuquerqueNM 87105
Farina Alto10721 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Farina Pizza510 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Field and Frame107 Tulane Dr SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Flying Star3416 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Flying Star4022 Rio Grande NWAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Flying Star4501 Juan Tabo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Flying Star8001 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Four Winds Travel Center2401 12th St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Freeway Liquors2034 2nd St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Frontier2400 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Frontier Mart3677 Corrales RdCorralesNM 87048
Gino’s Pizza3908 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Golden Pride Chicken10101 Central Ave. SEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Good 2 Go1111 Rio Grande NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Grass Burger11225 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Grassroots3701 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
GrassRoots RX Coors3620 Bosque Plaza Ln NWAlbuquerqueNM 87120
Green Jeans3600 Cutler Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Greenleaf9821 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Hannah and Nates4512 Corrales RdCorralesNM 87048
Holy Cow Burger700 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Hurricanes Drive In4330 Lomas NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
I Scream Ice Cream2000 Carlisle NEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Indigo Crow Cafe4515 Corrales RdCorralesNM 87048
ISLETA11000 Broadway Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87105
ISLETA Phillips 664050 NM-47AlbuquerqueNM 87105
Java Joes906 Park SWAlbuquerqueNM 87102
John Brooks1130 Candelaria NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Juan Tabo Library3407 Juan Tabo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Just Urban Smoke Shop1319 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Kelly’s Liquor6124 4th StAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Kelly’s Liquor5850 Juan Tabo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Kelly’s Liquor11816 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Keva juice8050 Academy Rd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Kimo’s Hawaiian BBQ3239 Girard Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Liberty Gym2401 Jefferson St NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Lime9800 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Limonata Box3222 Silver Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Lomas/Tramway Library908 Eastridge Dr NEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Los Cuates10051 Coors Blvd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Los Griegos Library1000 GriegosAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Los Griegos Library1000 Griegos
mazaya cafe
Michael Thomas Coffee1111 Carlisle Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Michael Thomas Coffee298 Bryn Mawr Dr SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Monroes6051 Osuna Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Monte Carlo3916 Central NWAlbuquerqueNM 87105
Music go Around7116 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
My CBD Shoppe7900 San Pedro Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87113
Napoli Coffee3035 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
North Valley Co-Op2400 Rio Grande NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
O’Neils Tavern4310 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
O’Neils Uptown3301 Juan Tabo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
O&A Mini Mart504 Juan Tabo Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Old Town Plaza Box200 N Plaza St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87105
Olympia Cafe2210 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Optum Urgent Care5150 Journal Center Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Organtica4001 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Outside Burt’s509 Central NWAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Patrick J Baca Library8081 Central Ave NWAlbuquerqueNM 87105
Post Office12218 NM-14Cedar CrestNM 87008
PurLife Dispensary3821 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
PurLife Dispensary9800 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
PurLife Dispensary417 Tramway Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Pyro’s Smoke Shop4001 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Quarter Liquor4516 Wyoming Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Quarters BBQ801 Yale Blvd SE, 87106
R. Greenleaf4414 Menaul Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
R. Greenleaf5201 Ouray Rd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87120
R. Greenleaf4414 Menaul Blvd NE, 87110
Rebel Donuts9311 Coors Blvd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Remedy Day Spa
Rio Grande Hemp3621 Wyoming Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Rudy’s BBQ2321 Carlisle Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Rudys BBQ10136 Coors Blvd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Sacred Garden Dispensary616 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
Sacred Garden Dispensary3600 Cutler Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Sadie’s of New Mexico6230 4th NWAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Saggios107 Cornell Dr SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Sahara2622 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
San Pedro Library5600 Trumball SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
San Pedro Library5600 Trumbull Ave. SE, 87108
Sandia Botanicals2406 Comanche Rd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Satellite Cafe2300 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Seven Clover Dispensary3800 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
Shift Dispensary9880 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Shift Dispensary5659 Jefferson Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
Slap Fish6400 Holly Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87113
SNAP Fitness5740 Nightwhisper Rd NW
SNAP Fitness1495 Bosque FarmsAlbuquerqueNM 87122
SNAP Fitness ABQ Tramway1530 Tramway Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87112
Sol Grocery1312 Broadway Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87102
South Broadway Library1025 Broadway SEAlbuquerqueNM 87102
South Valley Library3904 lsleta Blvd SwAlbuquerqueNM 87105
Southwest Wellness Heights9132 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Southwest Wellness Uptown2325 San Pedro Dr NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Spin Cycle417 Tramway Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Sprouts10701 Corrales RdAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Stadium Liquors1306 Broadway Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87102
Starbucks900 Rio Grande NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Steel Bender Brewing8505 2nd St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Stone Face8201 San Pedro Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87113
Taco Cabana8330 Montgomery NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Taco Cabana10210 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Talin Market88 Louisiana Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
Talking Drum African Cuisine1606 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
The Bird of Paradise Discount Liquors1401 Valencia Dr SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
The Co-Op3500 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
The Grove Cafe600 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87102
The Herb Store3500 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
The Kosmos Restaurant1715 5th St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87102
The Owl Cafe800 Eubank NEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
The Paper Offices113 Carlisle Blvd SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
The Range Cafe1050 Rio Grande NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
The Range Cafe10019 Coors Blvd. NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
The Range Cafe4401 Wyoming Blvd NEAlbuquerque
The Range Cafe320 Central Ave SEAlbuquerque
The Range Cafe925 S Camino Del PuebloRio Rancho
The Savoy Bar10601 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
The Smoke Shop3230 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
The Verdes Foundation7301 San Antonio Dr NEAlbuquerqueNM 87109
The Verdes Foundation – Westside/Rio Rancho2320 Grande Blvd SERio RanchoNM 87124
The Zone2222 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Thrift Town3900 MenaulAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Thrift Town3900 Menaul Blvd NE, 87110
Tia Betty Blue’s1248 San Mateo SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
Tobacco Town4501 4th StAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Tractor Brewery118 Tulane SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Triangle Grocery12165 NM HWY 14Cedar CrestNM 87008
Tucker and Yale Bus Stop Box2400 Tucker Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Ultra Health Dispensary Nob Hill3213 Central Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Ultra Health Dispensary Rio Rancho3851 Southern Blvd SERio RanchoNM 87124
Ultra Health North Valley5700 4th St NWAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Ultra Health South East Heights201 San Pedro Dr SEAlbuquerqueNM 87108
Ultra Health South Valley100 Coors Blvd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87121
Urban Wellness2910 San Mateo Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Urban Wellness4601 Paradise Blvd NWAlbuquerqueNM 87114
Urban Wellness7610 Carmel Ave NEAlbuquerqueNM 87122
Valley Pawn Shop401 Menaul NWAlbuquerqueNM 87107
Vick’s Vittles8810 Central SEAlbuquerqueNM 87123
Village Pizza4266 Corrales RdCorralesNM 87048
Walgreens2950 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Wash Tub Laundromat1698 Rio Bravo Blvd SWAlbuquerqueNM 87105
Wash Tub Laundry1105 Central NWAlbuquerqueNM 87104
Wash Tub Laundry640 Coors NWAlbuquerqueNM 87121
Whole Foods2103 Carlisle Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Whole Foods2103 Carlisle Blvd NE, 87110
Whole Hog9880 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111
Yasmine’s Cafe1600 Central Ave SEAlbuquerqueNM 87106
Zia Health and Wellness5401 Lomas Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87110
Zorba Greek11225 Montgomery Blvd NEAlbuquerqueNM 87111

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